About Me

I’m an Intimacy/Sex & Relationship Coach by Day and A Professional Dominatrix by Night. I love to use the Knowledge and Experience I have gained through years of BDSM Sex Work and Mentoring as A Professional Dominatrix(Still Current) and BDSM Mentor through the USA and Abroad. My Education in Interpersonal Communication , Sex Education, and BDSM Teaching will guide you through Fundumental relationship challenges and help you to build the relationship and life you want.

I Help guide individual’s, Couples, Partners to understand their needs vs. their wants and how to get them. I have a direct style that I’ve learned and live the Lifestyle from my Dominatrix side, , I like to make my clients feel safe and ultimately empowered. I use Intervention Coaching to work with couples, individuals and groups on sex and Relationship Topics and Concerns.

Meet Me

I’m available to meet in person for coaching sessions At a Downtown Dungeon in St.Louis or If a Dungeon is to much for first-timers we can always meet else where of my choosing. If you finally make the decision to ask for help book a session with me or a Consultation.

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