Relationship and Sex Consulting Sessions

Area’s Of Treatment & Therapy

In my general practice I work with depression, grief and loss, trauma, anxiety, and issues related to feelings of low self-worth. I have additional training and experience working in the following areas:

Sex Therapy
I have Experience working with a broad range of sexual health matters. Individuals often face challenges with intimacy and sex for complex reasons. While specific skills related to improving sexual function and increasing pleasure do play an important role in sex therapy, much of the work focuses on helping individuals increase self-awareness and improve communication, both in and out of the bedroom. In my practice I welcome LGBTQ individuals and couples as well as individuals exploring matters related to gender.

Compatibility & Comfort Therapy

What are you looking for? What is your Partner(s) looking for? If you don’t know then learn. Finding comfort in your own sexuality and finding a Partner(s) who is compatible with your interest and curiosities will allow all relationships to flourish. Your relationship with yourself and with your Partner(s)

Communication Therapy

Learning How to to Communicate Physically and Mentally to each other and Learning about your own Body. Communicating with your partner, with yourself is most important when understanding your own Sexuality